Why all the reads were classified as "no hits"


I want to inquire some problems during functional analysis on windows OS. I do import the results of blastx and load the GI mapping file for KEGG and SEED analysis setting (“gi2kegg-Feb2015X.bin” and “gi2seed.map”), but all my import reads can not be assigned. All the reads are classified as “no hits”.

Thank you for your time!

Hello which target database did you use ? in which format did you have your blastx files ?


I used the NCBI nr database and the outform 0, 5 of NCBI+

Was that XML then ? which version of Blast ? I can try and replicate here


Version: blast-2.3.0+ for linux system
I tried the 0 pairwise outfmt and 5 XML outfmt

Try again using diamond blastx with output in xml format