Where does meganizer save the file produced?

Hello MEGAN community,

I am using DIAMOND and MEGAN6 (6.22.0 Community edition for Windows x64) to analyze a set of metagenomics data. I ran my reads through DIAMOND on the European Galaxy server, then downloaded the .daa files to analyze on my laptop. I then ran Meganize DAA file… on MEGAN6 (after downloading and unzipping the database file). I ran it through the GUI, because I am not at all comfortable working at the command line. Once it finished, I went to find the file generated (it should be a .rma6 file, no?) to open it but I cannot find it anywhere on my computer. My questions for you is where does MEGAN save this file? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Never mind, I missed the message saying that the execution had failed. I just ran it again (all three hours!) and waited as the run finished and then the error popped up. Unfortunately, the error message window disappeared when I click over to the browser to update this message and now I can’t remember exactly what it said. Grr.

Meganization does not produce a new file. Instead, it appends additional blocks to the end of the DAA file. So, once the file has been meganized, you should be able to open it directly in MEGAN.