Weighted LCA giving java exception

Hi everyone,

I am having problem getting weighted LCA to work. It keeps giving me java exception. I am using Diamond v0.8.4 BlastX to align my nucleotide contigs to the NR-database, after which I meganize the diamond file using daa2rma on command-line (I am using MEGAN v6.8.18 Community Edition).

It looks something like this:
diamond blastx -d nr -q input.fna -a output.daa -e 0.001 -p 8

daa2rma -i output.daa -o output.rma -a2t prot_acc2tax-May2017.abin -a2eggnog acc2eggnog-Oct2016X.abin -a2interpro2go acc2interpro-Nov2016XX.abin -alg weighted -ram readMagnitude -fun EGGNOG INTERPRO2GO -v

As these are contigs, I also tried using the --longReads option with weightedLCA algorithm and it still gave me the following java exception:
at megan.algorithms.AssignmentUsingWeightedLCA.computeId(AssignmentUsingWeightedLCA.java:121)
at megan.algorithms.DataProcessor.apply(DataProcessor.java:241)
at megan.core.Document.processReadHits(Document.java:520)
at megan.rma6.RMA6FromBlastCreator.parseFiles(RMA6FromBlastCreator.java:298)
at megan.tools.DAA2RMA6.createRMA6FileFromDAA(DAA2RMA6.java:331)
at megan.tools.DAA2RMA6.run(DAA2RMA6.java:294)
at megan.tools.DAA2RMA6.main(DAA2RMA6.java:63)

I’ve added the contig coverage to contig names as follows: >Contig_name weight=

Am I doing something wrong or not doing something I should? Could really use some help. I need to get this working for my analysis.


Never mind… The new updates took care of the problem…