Updated mapping file?

Hi, would it be possible to get an updated “Protein accession to NCBI-taxonomy mapping file”?
Regards, Anne-Lie


the newest mapping files are available on the website:

Do you mean the June2018 lacks some important information?


Hi Ania, yes I have the June one but as new sequences are put in the databases in principle every day the file gets out of date rather fast. For example, I work with viral metagenomics and did diamond blastx on a dataset recently and using the june mapping files some viral hits are placed in the “Not assigned” with an “?” which I think is due to the mapping file not being up to date.

I have just created the latest mapping files, they are available on the MEGAN6 download page.
Also, I have updated the NCBI taxonomy used by MEGAN, it is available in release 6.13.0

Great, thank you very much :slight_smile: