Update of the Prot2taxonomy file


I am requesting an update of the protein to taxonomy file. From what I can tell the latest version is from July 2019, is it possible for this to be updated for usage ? I apologise in advance if there is some sort of reason it’s no longer being updated.


Thanks in advance,

Dear Emily, good idea- I will kickoff the computation of an update. It will be available very soon.

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Hi Daniel,
Was this made available ?

I have update the taxonomy mapping and all functional mappings so as to reflect the nr database as downloaded in Jan 2021.
I am in the process of building and uploading the new release 6.21.0 and it will be available later today.

Hi Daniel,
I ran diamond on paired end reads (DNA sequencing), and then used blast2rma with Megan. The output of Megan is binary files. To visualize binary file which software should I use?

The output of of blast2rma should be opened using MEGAN…
But for DIAMOND files it is much better to run DIAMOND with option -f 100 to create a DAA file and then to run daa-meganizer on the DAA file.
You can then open the “meganized” DAA file directly in MEGAN.