Unsure which input format option to select with Blast2RMA


I have generated several BLASTX files using BLAST 2.5.0+ and would like to use the tool Blast2RMA to programmatically make .rma files with Megan6 Ultimate Edition. My BLASTX output is the default “pairwise” output. I checked the Blast2RMA options and see there are several different choices for the --format parameter, but I’m unsure which parameter I should be using. Is there a more verbose description of these formats somewhere?



I’m not sure what format your BLAST file is in – what is the extension?

Try running BLAST2RMA using either of these: BlastText, BlastXML, BlastTab for the --format option. If it is wrong, you should get an error.


Thanks for the input. The extension is .out, but this file was generated by a pipeline (which I didn’t write). I ended up running with the BlastText option, and didn’t see an error, so I suppose all is well.



BlastText is the correct choice for pairwise alignment reports