Unrecognized name while importing csv - ambiguous tax id's

Hi everyone,
I see that there is a problem when importing csv in a format "classname,count{,count,count...}", especially while the same taxa have different accession numbers.

For example from my latest study, Megan didn’t import 7 genera:

Unrecognized name: Gibberella
Unrecognized name: Guehomyces
Unrecognized name: Mrakiella
Unrecognized name: Hymenula
Unrecognized name: Laburnicola
Unrecognized name: Cyathicula
Unrecognized name: Saccharicola

I 've realized that each of them has accession number that matches to at least two names:

Gibebrella has taxid:5506, but the same taxid is also recognized in NCBI as Fusarium
The same situation:

Gibberella, taxid:5506, = Fusarium
Guehomyces, taxid:415704, = Tausonia
Mrakiella, taxid:29901, = Mrakia
... and so on

I can understand that the problem comes from databases still being updating, and taxa are changing rapidly, but I think, that Megan should display some monit while importing, and ask user what to do. For example which of two (or more) taxa choose to be imported. Otherwise every unrecognized name needs to be manually corrected or replaced by user.

What other users think about this issue ?

You can provide the NCBI taxon id instead of the name, in which case MEGAN will know exactly which taxon is meant.
Let me know whether this solves the problem.

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Thank you @Daniel, your solution works :slight_smile: