Unable to view mapping file in upload window

I am using MEGAN6 on a mac and I just downloaded several mapping files from the MEGAN download site (yesterday, April 15 2018), including the acc2 file for seed. However, when I am in the window for “import from BLAST”, and go to “SEED”, I try to upload the accession mapping file that I downloaded and unzipped and it shows me only the zip file and does not show the unzipped version of the file (.abin).

I’ve uploaded a screenshot to show what I mean - I have MEGAN open and I have a Finder Window open in the upper left that shows my files in the Downloads folder including the .abin file, but in the MEGAN Window you cannot see the .abin file. So I cannot select the mapping file.

I haven’t found anything online about this issue, but my apologies if I am missing something obvious. I would greatly appreciate any guidance on this.


Are you sure that you clicked on “Load Accession mapping file” and not one of the other two buttons (do not use "“Load GI mapping file” or “Load Synonyms mapping file”.)