Unable to magenize .daa file

Dear Daniel and MEGAN users,
Running an analysis pipeline, I was extracting taxon-specific fasta files from a metatranscriptome and performed a DIAMOND search on the resulting nucleotide fastas.
To establish a taxon-specific functional profile the generated .daa files were meganized using the acc2seed mapper file and the SEED profile was extracted in a tabular form (seed function > read counts). These tables are the input for the statistical analysis i am performing.
for most of the files so far i managed to run the above described pipeline without any problems, but I now encountered two files .daa that I was unable to meganize… I tried rerunning the pipeline from the point of extracting the fasta file again (and manually checked the integrity of the fasta file but couldn’t see any problem) but this didnt help.
I uploaded the .daa file to the could and shared the link here for your inspection.


Hope you can help!

i receaved the following error:
Error: Input file is not a DAA file.
Info: Finished meganizing 1 files. ERRORS: 1

The diamond command i used to run my search was probably the problem:

diamond blastx -d ~/Software/diamond/db/nr_2017_11_21.dmnd -q $INPUT_FILE.fa -k 10 -p 12 -o $OUTPUT_FILE.daa

It did not include the -f 100 flag that creates the .daa format
thanx for reading…

So the issue has been resolved but using -f 100 when running DIAMOND?

yes it was :slight_smile: