Unable to load Megan NCBI accessions file

I downloaded the Megan file for mapping accessions with a DAA file from diamond. I unzipped the file but it is grayed out when I try to upload it to Megan6 as a taxonomy file or kegg file. I am using a mac with BigSur OS. Any suggestions to upload this file would be appreciated. thank you.

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Are you following all instructions given at their user manual?

I believe so as far as I can tell. I looked at the user manual first and I used:
File > Meganize DAA file
Then loaded the .DAA file.
Then tried to load anything - the taxonomy mapping file or kegg mapping file and the files that I have are grayed out, I cannot upload them. The files include (I was thinking it was either the megan-map file or the prot.accession2taxid.FULL file that should work):

It seems like I must be missing something really obvious but cannot find what it is from the manual or other posts/forums. Thanks so much.

You need to open the megan-mapping.db file as a mapping db:

Ah, I am so glad you uploaded an image, see the problem - I do not have that exact option. I am using MEGAN6 the community edition and I thought it was the most up to date (I checked early on) but I missed that there are more recent versions of MEGAN6! I updated and now I have that option, hooray!
However, I upload my .DAA file and the MEGAN mapping file, but after MEGAN analyzes it, it still says all reads are unidentified for kegg. Do you know why this would be? Is there something in generating the DAA file that needs to be done for MEGAN to use it? Thanks so much!

I assume that you are using the community edition? If so, then KEGG support is not good, due to licensing restrictions for KEGG. The ultimate edition comes with a built-in KEGG license and can perform mapping to KEGG.