Unable to import BLAST tab files (MEGAN 6.17.0)

Sometime during the year while updating MEGAN to newer versions I am no longer able to import BLAST outfmt6 files with MEGAN.

I was able to import such files without an issues during autumn 2018.
Whenever I try and import a BLAST tab file now I get the following error:

NumberFormatException: For input string: “0,00000”
IOException: For input string: “0,00000”
Error: Execute failed: java.io.IOException: For input string: “0,00000”

Things I’ve tried:
Important an outfmt6 file that used to work during autumn 2018, this gives the same error with the new MEGAN version. So the issue is not with the outfmt6 files.

Replacing all dots with commas in the tab file (I use dots as commas on the system OS, Windows 10). This made no difference.

Change system locale in the OS settings to use commas instead of dots, this also made no difference.

In the tab files there are no “0,00000” text strings, so I am not sure what MEGAN is trying to do.

Any ideas how to solve this?
Thank you


please send me a small example and I will look into this

I can confirm that this issue was solved (for me) with the 6.18.4 update for Windows 10.