Trying to determine which taxa contributed to my predicted ORFs...Help Please

Good morning I am working with the Ultimate Edition of Megan 6. I started by meganizing my .DAA files from a previous diamond blastp run. These include 24 .DAA files broken down into 4 sample groups. I’m still trying to navigate the UI of the software, however, the layout is a bit confusing. Anyhow I am trying to do two things:

  1. How can I group my samples from the same category together? On the legend it shows all 24 samples as separate colors.

  2. How can display the taxonomic contributions to antibiotic resistance genes I am interested in? For example perhaps I’d like to visually show that certain phyla such as Actinobacteria, Bacteroidetes, and Acidobacteria harbor the majority of reads mapped to multidrug resistance.

  1. To color by groups, use the Sample Viewer to define an attribute that describes group membership, by adding a new column.
    Then you can use that attribute to color samples.

  2. The only way to show link taxonomy and function is to
    select nodes of interest (taxonomic nodes, say) and then to
    “extract to new document” and then you can see what functions the subset has.