Taxonomy Parsing file : parseInt () failes

Hi everyone,
After importing a Blast file it seems that some of the references I use are not in an easy-to-use format. I have the following message in the window “message”.
Classifications: Taxonomy
Parsing file: D: \ xxxx.blastn.gz
parseInt () failed: tax

What does “parseInt () failed” mean: a badly parsed reference ?
If it appears several times it is necessarily a new problematic reference?
How can I easily trace these problematic references?

Thanks !
Best regards

Dear Cedric,

please give me access to a small file that exhibits this problem and I will look into it.

Hi Daniel
I think I have a little better identified my problem. When importing the blast the mention parseInt () failed: tax appears to be associated with missing references in the files. map and .tre.
thus some alignments appear as follows:
?; score = “a score value”

I have big files, so it is difficult to retreive these alignments in order to identify the missing references I have to add in my map and tre file.
Would there be a quick way to extract from the rma6 file the alignments with the mention “?; score” .


CédricfiltcutI6R64-TAG-13_R1-not-toto-tele2.7z (260.4 KB)