Summarize MALT output

Hi, recently I used MALT to analyze some metagenomics samples, using only a viral database. I used the next code

malt-build -i Viruses_Complete_Genome/*fna -s DNA -d index_malt_viruses -c Taxonomy

malt-run -m BlastN -at SemiGlobal -i Viruses_Complete_Genome/*fna -d index_malt_viruses -o RMA -a MALT_RUN -f Text

After It created me a bunch of rma6 files (near 15 000). Open them individually on MEGAN is not a problem, there’s a lot of files though so I try to use cat to make only one file and open it with MEGAN, but was not possible neither, is it a way to summarize all these results? or should I run again MALT to put them all in one single rma6 file?

Yes, sorry, you can’t concatenate the RMA files.
Did you all have MALT output alignments in some other format? If so, perhaps they can be concatenated?
Otherwise, unfortunately, you do need to concatenate the input files.