Sorting samples bug

Dear MEGAN community,

I’ve encountered a bug with sorting samples:

When I compare some RMA6 files on my desktop, and sort them by ascending order (sample name) in the sample viewer windows, everything works fine:



However, when I save the file, reopen it and try to sort samples again using the sample viewer windows, it seems to mix the samples up randomly, both taxonomically and number of reads:

Fig. 3 Saved .megan file, PRE-SORTED (Looks fine)

Fig. 4 Saved .megan file, POST-SORTED (using sample viewer by descending order)

I checked to see if it was to do with using ascending / descending order by just moving one sample up in the sample viewer (SPYNEW2014nr):

Fig. 5 Saved .megan file, POST-SORTED (moving SPYNEW2014nr up one)

Comparing figures 3 and 5, It seems to only affect samples that have been moved.

Edit: I’ve tested this on MEGAN 6.8.13, 6.8.20, and 6.9.0, all seem to have this bug.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the bug report.
a) did the program throw an exception during any of this? That would show up in the message window
b) could you please send me the comparison file by email so that I can try to recreate the problem. I just tried to do so using some of my files and couldn’t


Hi Dan,

No error messages in the log, I’ve sent you the .megan file.