Several questions concerning megan export

Hi, Daniel,

Recently I used diamond combined with megan for my hiseq data processing. It’s really amazing that you provided such a wonderful tool since it’s really much faster than Blast.
However, as I looking for export the reference or consensus sequence in the alignments mode, the text file only contains one taxa no matter if I choosed one specific taxa or selected all taxas in the list. Would it be possible if I could export all the taxa in one text file at once?
I can also select the node in the windows such as SEED or TAXA, but if I choose to export all the matches of a node, the data will be in a file with the last name of .blast, I couldn’t open it with megan neither wordpad, so how could I open it and see the contents? In which form do these files written, and contains which information?
Thanks a lot!

Yours, sincerely

HI, Daniel,
I tried to select a single node, now I can open the .blast file with wordpad. I guess it’s originally because of the file size is too big. Thanks a lot!
However, the content of the .blast file is still a little confused to me. Is the sequence presented the reference sequence from the db applied in Meganization, or is it the consensus sequence of my own reads?
How can I export the ref or consensus seq under a node?
Besides, is it possible to generate a combined .blast file of different samples under compare mode? When I tried to do so, the software keep on went error with IOE malfunction.
Thank you a lot for your time!