SEED_to_taxon export

Dear MEGAN expert and users,
Please let me know hoe can we export SEED_to_taxon reads like KO_to_taxon.
There is no option to export SEED_to_taxon in MEGAN6 CE.

Thank You.

The feature “SEED_to_taxon” is currently not implemented. I have just implemented it (also for other functional classifications), please download release 6.13.5.

Note that ko_to_taxon has been renamed to keggName_to_taxonId.
For SEED, use seedName_to_taxonId or
Don’t use seedId_to… because the SEED ids are assigned by MEGAN for convenience only.

Thank You Daniel for your kind response.

Dear Daniel,

I am currently working of two metagenomes and have .rma files.

Please let me know how to use cluster analysis and IP2GO, COG in MEGAN6 CE.

I am unable to perform these things for my study.

Please let me know how to interpret correlation plot for a particular diversity rank or for functional category.

Thank You.

Kind Regards.