SEED and INTERPRO2GO accession mappings are only available for MEGAN UE?

Hi MEGAN users and developers,

My understanding is that GI and Accession maps are different. Currently, the accession mappings included on the download website are for taxonomy and eggNOG. The GI mappings are included for all functional annotations, but not the same for the accession mappings. Does the missing functional accession maps are unique to the UE version?

Best, William

Dear William,

sorry, I need to produce accession-to-eggnog and accession-to-interpro mapping files. I should get around to doing so next week. These will not be restricted to UE. Only the KEGG mapping file is restricted to UE due to KEGG licensing aspects.


Thank you for the quick response!
– William

I have uploaded an accession to InterPro mapping file and am currently computing an accession to SEED mapping file. However, because the SEED classification does not appear to be openly available in practice, the SEED mapping file will be based on a mapping file that I was lucky to obtain in 2015…

Once again, thank you – William