Scaled x-axis on line charts for differently aged samples

It would be great for ancient DNA applications where there are samples of varying ages to be able to plot those on the x- or y-axes with their relative position on that axis scaled to age. So say if there are samples that are 50,000 years old, and another at 30,000, 12,000, 8,000 etc., that one could choose the max/min cut-offs on the line chart for age and then plot the taxonomic read abundances per taxon node relative to the ages of the samples so one can see a scaled shift of ecosystem change through time. Currently, when I’ve been doing that, each sample is placed an equidistance position apart, which is great in some applications. But it would be handy if there was an option to add a temporal scaling on the charts rather than needing to export the data to R or Excel (or otherwise) to get that functionality.

Also, if there was an option to get smoothing for the line charts, that would be really handy as well! My plots are a bit jagged currently unless I export the read data to other software.


I realize this post is quite old. Just bringing this up again in case it’s possible. I think it’s a feature that would be useful in lots of applications when dealing with metagenomic samples at different timepoints.

Here’s an example of what I was suggesting. Basically having the option to upload your own data for a scaled x or y axis so that things could be displayed a proportional distance apart in different chart types. It would make it easier to be able to do it directly in MEGAN rather than needing to export to other software.

A nice idea… This will have to wait until MEGAN 7…