Save the inspector in txt

Hi guys,
I’m using the inspector to look for the taxa associated with my sequences. However, there’s no way for me to save this information in a txt or csv file. There is only the option to print the inspector window, without any strategy to save as pdf. May you help me?


The inspector window supports copy and paste.
Sometimes the receiving text editor might have problems when it tries to maintain the formatting of the content, in which case first use the context menu “As Text” item to view the selected text in the Message window, and then copy and paste from there

Thank you for your answer. Actually it makes me do the copy-paste, but of every single line. It doesn’t make a total selection and it’s copy-paste. Moreover, I’m working remotely, and this procedure starts to be even more boring. Maybe, (if I can) for future versions you might think about saving the data in the inspector window as a text file, and not just as an image.
Thank you again.

Good idea, I have just implemented that and in the next release, please look for the new

File->Export Selected Text…

menu item when using the Inspector Window.