Processing multiple .daa files


I’m a new MEGAN user.

I have 32 samples I want to import using ‘meganize DAA file’ in the GUI. When I import just one everything works perfect and the file opens. But when I try to open two at the same time (using the same importer window), the files won’t open. It just says that it is finished meganizing them.

Opening another file is also working, but then I have the problem the samples are not in the same ‘sample viewer’, so it’s harder to compare them. And also makes it not possible to add the metadata.

Thanks for the help!

If you meganize multiple files in MEGAN then MEGAN does not automatically open them when finished.
So, proceed as follows: first meganize and then use the File->Open… menu item to open the freshly meganized files.

Thank you for your answer.
It works to open them like that, but they are still not in the same Samplesviewer even though I opened them at the same time.

you have to create a comparison document using the File->Compare… menu item.