Problems with assignments et al

Hi guys,
I’m not able to have assignments using MEGAN 6.10.8. I thought the problem was an old mapping file, however also with the November2018 version, nothing changed. I also tried to import blast both in format 5 and 6 (without qcov columns) and nothing. I blasted my sequences by megablast against the full nt NCBI database. I also tried to take one sequence of my data, blasted it online, download the file and imported it in MEGAN. Nothing.
We decided to download the new version for the community, but apparently, the file here ( is corrupted. Can you check, please, and give me any suggestions?


Can you please upload a small example file which shows this problem?

Can you try to download the new version again? I just tested and there was no problem.


I solved. I asked to the server tech to check and upload it,and it works. And now, with the last version, I have the assignments.

Thanks caner anyway.