Problems importing BLAST output into MEGAN

Hello All,

I am trying to import BLAST tabular output into MEGAN with no great success.

This is the file:

I am not sure if I got the format correct as I could not locate it in the manual. Thank you.

This is what MEGAN expects in blast-tab format:

Column Data Description
1. queryId read id
2. subjectId reference sequence id
3. pident percent identity
4. length alignment length
5. mismatch number of mismatches
6. gapopen number of gap openings
7. qstart start of alignment in query
8. qend end of alignment in query
9. sstart start of alignment in subject
10. send end of alignment in subject
11. evalue expect value
12. bitscore bit score

Import of your data fails because your third value is much larger than 100 (so can’t be a percent identity)

@Daniel, is it compulsory to have all 12 columns in the BLAST output for import into MEGAN?

Yes, all 12 columns must be present in the described order.

Hello, Daniel,

Could you please help answer Ziyi and my questions about MEGAN6.15.2 on Linux won’t open (MEGAN6.15.2 on Linux won't open)?

Thank you in advance!