Problem with selecting taxonomic "sub" ranks

Hi Daniel,
We used the function:
Tree -> Rank… -> class (for both MEGAN5 and 6)
and our tree automatically uncollapsed to the “class” level, with the leaves under “class” rank being highlighted.
However, we realized that those belonging to “subclass”, as defined by NCBI taxonomy (not quite sure why they have this anyway), does not get selected. For example: Under phylum Cyanobacteria, the “subclass” - Oscillatoriophycideae is not selected when rank “class” is chosen.
Is it possible to have the “sub-groups” selected so they can be include in our analysis?

Kindly advise.
Thank you!


Yes, when uncollapsing to a specific rank, MEGAN selects all nodes that are identified as belonging to that rank (as defined by NCBI).
You could use “Select Leaves” to ensure that all leaves (except for the Unassigned and Not Hits) leaves are selected, regardless of whether they belong to the specific rank or not.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the response!