Problem with maff2daa

Hi Guys,

I’m a problem during the process of the conversion with maf2daa. In step 3 of the pipeline, an error occurs that I cannot resolve. I have increased the number of files that can be opened on the system (ulimit -n 1000000), but the error persists. Can someone help me?

Mistake: /data/tmp/ (Too many open files)
at (Native Method)
at (
at (
at daa.writer.DAA_Writer.writeByteInFile (
at daa.writer.DAA_Writer.writeEnd (
at (
at startUp.MainConverter.main (

Command Line:

cat /data/michelligf/pacbio/MEGAN-LR/ | /data/bioinfo/megan6/tools/maf2daa -r /data/michelligf/pacbio/flye-assembly/bc1011/assembly.fasta -p 30 -cs 100m -t /data/tmp/ -o /data/tmp/