Problem with InterPro annotation


I’m a beginner in MEGAN. I have a problem with InterPro classification.
I have a aminoacid sequences and I performed an alignment by using blastp and downloaded XML.file.
Then uploaded that file on MEGAN and on InterPro annotation, some sequences were annotated as Cardiolipin synthase, but when I inspected that node and see the alignment I founded that the name of protein was Copper oxydase. Using COG annotation it was resulting as multicopper oxydase. Have you any idea about this?

Thank you in advance.



Could you please select the InterPro node in question and then choose the File->Extract to new Document…
menu item, and then give me access to the extracted file and I will look into this

Hi Daniel,

thank you for your reply.
Attached you can find the extract reads file from that node.

Thank you again for your help



Lcc.fasta (679 Bytes)

Sorry, File->Extract to new Document… produces a new RMA file (not just a fasta file of reads), that is what I need