Problem importing RDP classifier file

I am using the megan 6 LR coomunity edition version 6.19.5.
When I try to import the RDP Naive Bayesian rRNA Classifier version 2.11 assignment detail text file, megan 6 has the following error:
“Number of lines skypped during import: 278” and nothing is imported.
The file is in csv format in txt mode.
Could someone please help me?

I suspect that the format has changed… could you please give me access to an example file and I will look into this.

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I tried to import data from the RDP Classifier to Megan, but I received a bug report. Could you help me please?

The input files and the error report are attached.

I take this opportunity to congratulate you! Megan is a great program and I have been using it for many years. This was the first time that he let me down.

Thanks in advanceallrank_otus.fa_classified-tab-classifier.txt|attachment (43.8 KB) Bug description.txt (2.5 KB) otus.fa (97.1 KB)

I send the three files again, it seems that in the first email there was a problem. Thanks
allrank_otus.fa_classified-tab-classifier.txt (43.8 KB)
Bug description.txt (2.5 KB) otus.fa (97.1 KB)

Sorry for the long delay… This format has changed, I have updated MEGAN so that it can parse the new version of the format. I will upload a new release today.