Particular release of ncbi taxonomy for megan?

Dear Dr. Huson,

I would like to use megan tool blast2lca for various blast ouputs against various databases. What all these databases have in common, is that I used a particular version of ncbi taxonomy and they are all generated with that same particular version.

I would like to ask, if there is a way to generate my own, ncbi.tre etc files from the particular names.dmp and nodes.dmp (or other taxdump files) used in my databases?

I cannot seem to find anything on that topic, but I would really like to do that to be able to use your tool for lca, and profit from the effort that I put in creating those databases.

Thank you very much in advance for your answer,


MEGAN uses the files ncbi.tre, and to represent the NCBI tree. This three files are generated by a program called tools/taxdmp2tree that I have just added to the Ultimate Edition of MEGAN V6_12_5. (The UE contains all command line tools that are required to build any of the files used by MEGAN).