Parsing taxon name

Dear MEGAN community members

I am working with blast like tabular format with 13 columns that are organized in the following order:

1)queryID > 2)ProteinID > 3)%identity > 4)alignment_length > 5)mismatches > 6)gap_opening > 7)query_start_position > 8)query_end_position > 9)subject_start_position > 10)subject_end_position > 11)evalue > 12)bitScore > 13) taxonomic_affiliation (text retrieved from the nr database)

I used MEGAN6 (community edition V 6.10.10) to 'import from blast" the file and checked the “analyze Taxonomy content” and “Parse Taxon Names” boxes. I also uploaded the SEED acession mapping file.

The SEED assignment works perfectly, however the taxonomic analysis returned a single node (not assigned).
Can anyone tell me what it is i am doing wrong here? should the taxonomic information be in a different column (not the 13th)?