Parsing problem with BLAST xml file


I encountered a problem while loading my xml files into Megan5. I have several input files and all but one work fine.
With that one their seem to be a parsing problem. The message window shows:
Using XML parser

Megan does load one third of the sequences contained in that file. What happens with the rest, I don’t know. I just have no idea what the problem might be so any help is highly appreciated.


Dear Jule,

if you could give me access to the file (e.g. via dropbox) then I will take a look at it
Best wishes

Dear Daniel,

thank you, here is the link:

Best wishes

Hi Daniel,

just wanted to ask if you had time to check what might be wrong with the file?


Hi Jule and Daniel,

I’m still using MEGAN5 and encountered the same problem for a few of my samples. It puzzled me until now.

Best regards,

Hi Yufi

please give me access to one of the files that causes problems and I will take a look at the problem

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your response. I will email you a few of screenshots of my megan run and link to my dropbox for my sample if possible.

Hi Daniel.

I’ve solved the problem. Seems like my xml files went wrong the other day. I’ve decided to blast it again. Thank you.


Nevertheless, I have updated the BLASTXML parser to be more robust. It can now parse the files that you gave me access to.