Opening of Megan files (*.rma, *.rma6) in Megan 6 on macOS 10.12 leads to "Error: Execute failed: Line 1: ';' expected, got: 'n' "

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Opening of Megan files (*.rma, *.rma6) in Megan 6 on macOS 10.12 leads to "Error: Execute failed: Line 1: ‘;’ expected, got: ‘n’ ". The files in question were/are generated on macOS 10.11 as well with Megan 6 and open fine. Both machines have the same Java installations/versions (Oracle 8.0.111; Apple 6.0).

Here the complete error log report:
Version MEGAN Community Edition (version 6.5.10, built 13 Oct 2016)
Author(s) Daniel H. Huson
Copyright © 2016 Daniel H. Huson. This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
This is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 3.

Opening startup files
Loading 1,482,060
Loading ncbi.tre: 1,482,063
Induced tree has 1,482,063 of 1,482,063 nodes
Executing: show versionInfo;
Executing: show window=message;
Executing: open file=‘NCBI-Alignment.rma6’;
Line 1: ‘;’ expected, got: ‘n’
Command usage: open file= [readOnly={false|true}]; - Open a MEGAN file (ending on .rma, .meg or .megan)
Line 1: ‘;’ expected, got: ‘n’
Error: Execute failed: Line 1: ‘;’ expected, got: ‘n’

So, where is the problem?



Works fine on my MacOS 10.11.6 …
I will update to MacOS 10.12 and will then see whether it is an OS problem (?)
How did you specify the file? I am surprised to see

open file=‘NCBI-Alignment.rma6’;

in the log.
Usually, the file name should be prefixed by the directory specification, e.g.

open file=’/Users/me/files/NCBI-Alignment.rma6’;

What is the full path name of the file? Does it contain any weird characters?

Hi Daniel,

you are a genius! :slight_smile: Great - thank you. I copied a file on the desktop and ‘tadaaa’ indeed it opened just fine.

Somewhere along this path /Volumes/Xtended/Data/Files’n’Folder/Projekte Martin/Seq Projects/ is the weird character in question. I’d guess it’s the ’ .

Thanks again for your quick reply and help.

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MEGAN interprets ’ as the beginning of a quote… Unfortunately, it doesn’t “escape” any such quotes that occur in the name of a file and then chokes…

Hi all,

I have a similar problem when opening RMA6 file,
message box showed:
“Unreasonable string length: 539522661
Error: Execute failed: Unreasonable string length: 539522661”

Can any one help me?