No taxonomy assignments when using NCBI prot accession mapping files


I am currently trying to identify MAGs using MEGAN6 and diamond. I generated blast tabular files using diamond and the up to date ncbi nr prot db and this appears to have worked properly producing lines like:

“megahit_10_000000391325 KRO36477.1 87.8 337 41 0 1013 3 1 337 1.2e-178 636.0”

When I load a MAG into MEGAN using “import blast” and then load the “prot_acc2tax-Nov2016.abin” as a mapping file all reads are unassigned.

Is there a fix for this? Should I be altering some internal setting?
I am currently using the standard settings throughout MEGAN6.

Thank you,

Jay Osvatic

Dear Jay,
thanks for your message. A recent update introduced a bug in the blast-tab parser. If you update to the very latest version of MEGAN then you should be fine.
I was able to bin the one alignment that you provided :wink:

Thank you! An update did the trick.