No SEED information

I am using a Megan Ultimate version, and I can’t get the SEED information (only a few reads are assigned) with diamond files, while KEGG and COG are working (thousands of reads are assigned). Any ideas?

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I’m also having the same issue. I’m using the lastest map.db file

Did you tried something different for the SEED? I’m not having much luck and I really need to use it.

I have just looked into this. This seems to work fine for me:

Total reads: 695,329
With hits: 695,329
Alignments: 10,465,654
Assig. Taxonomy: 685,443
Assig. SEED: 224,049
Assig. EGGNOG: 321,671
Assig. KEGG: 254,909
Assig. GTDB: 666,358
Assig. EC: 163,519
Assig. INTERPRO2GO: 308,045

Can you please check that:

If you are using the latest program and files and the problem still persists, then could you please give me access to a small example file so that I can look at this in detail.

Thanks, it’s working well now!