No functional annotation from DAA files

Good day

I have problems visualizing maps/functional annotations in Megan6 version 6_18_10. I am using the megan-map-Oct2019 file to map the functional annotations, I even disabled the taxonomic classification part to only see the functional part. I am using .daa files generated with diamond, with the following command: /pathway-to-diamond/diamond blastp -q filename.fa -d /pathway-to-database/nr.dmnd -o filename.daa -f 100 -p 10. I am then meganizng the .daa files in Megan with the mapping file mentioned. However I only get taxonomic information from this meganized file, no functional information or maps. When I open the Seed, Kegg, Interpro2go etc. tabs, I am unable to see any form of tree/pathway/map when selecting the different links in the tab. I have uploaded 2 images, image 1 is the tree I get after meganizing the .daa file even with the disabled taxonomic classification. Image 2 is the Interpro2go tab, even by selecting a link, nothing appears in the right hand window. This problem is the same with all the other tabs, Kegg tab even says everything is unclassified. Any help on how to see maps/pathways from a meganized .daa file will be appreciated. This is basically how I’ve generated the .daa file and how I meganize the file but is unable to see functional information. If anything else is required please let me know. I am using Windows 10, 64 bit operating system, Megan6 version 6_18_10.