Meganize DAA: "minSupport" default value is different for GUI and command-line

I am using MEGAN6 Community version 6.11.4 on Linux (x64).


While meganizing a .daa file using the MEGAN GUI, I noticed that the default value for Min Support inside the LCA Params tab of the Meganize DAA file… dialog is 1.

In an attempt to get the same meganized file using the command-line tool daa-meganizer, I realized that the default for the command-line parameter --minSupport is set to 0:

-sup, --minSupport [number]          Min support (0==off). Default value: 0.


I expected both default values to be the same since the parameter itself is the same.

There is no difference between min support 0 or 1, in both cases, a taxon must attract at least one read to appear in the tree.
However, this is indeed confusing and so in the next release the meganize dialog will use a default of 0