Meganization in Megan versus daa-meganizer

We ran “meganization” from ‘File>Meganize DAA file’, and then at the command line with ‘daa-meganizer’ on a separate copy of the daa file. We compared the 2 meganized files in ‘File>Properties’.

We find that sometimes ‘File>Meganize DAA file’ does not use all the non-default parameters we set, and we must run ‘Options>Change LCA parameters’ to apply all the parameters and get the same results in ‘File>Properties’.

For example, we ran ‘File>Meganize DAA file’ with “Min Support =10” and “Min Support Percent =0(off)”. But the parameters listed below the taxa window show ‘MinSupportPercentage=0.05’, and we must run ‘Options>Change LCA parameters’ to get ‘MinSupport=10’. Is this the correct approach? Thanks.

(We used MEGAN_Ultimate_unix_6_11_0)

Thanks for pointing out this bug: during meganizing (and probably also from importing blast), MEGAN was overwriting the setting “Min Support Percent =0” with “Min Support Percent=0.05”. I have fixed this bug and the next release (6.11.1) should work as intended.