Megan6 not working properly- Windows 10


I was able to install and run Megan6 yesterday. Today it is acting weird. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling several times and that did not help. The program stays minimized - I had to slide another program over to the right side of the screen - and in Windows 10 this gives you the option to add a second program next to it (shared view). This seemed to solve the problem. It appears it was an issue with the size of the program window - I’m not sure if this is a Microsoft issue or a Megan6 issue… I’ve attached a picture of my taskbar to show how the program was hanging (I could not get it to open full window when selecting it on taskbar).

Hope this helps someone + could maybe be looked into as a bug.


I just downloaded and installed the latest MEGAN CE release under Windows 10, with no problems…
Can you check whether there is a file called error.log in the installation directory and if so, what does it contain?

This is happening to me today with MEGAN 6. I downloaded and installed the latest version today and MEGAN shows up in the task bar on Windows 10 but doesn’t appear to be open. I tried the trick that jgaiero used and can now see MEGAN. i so not see any error.log file in my MEGAN directory.

I updated Java and this fixed the problem. I also had to uninstall all versions of MEGAN and reinstall the latest version.
Hopefully this helps others if they experience the same issue.

Thanks pointing this problem out, and also the fix.

The problem appears to be associated with a Java update that causes the installer to install the software incorrectly under Windows for that update. Future updates should work properly.

I will work fixing this.