Megan:no such file or directory


I am trying to run megan6 using the command line. I used wget to download the sh file, then I used the following commands:

chmod +x MEGAN_Community_unic_6_18_9

I followed the instructions for installation and when I tried to run the next command:

./MEGAN -g -E -c command.txt

I get the following error “MEGAN: No such file or directory”

Why is not working if I already installed megan?

The sh file is the installer for MEGAN.
You first have to run the installer to install the program.
To run the installer in command-line mode, type
./ -c

The option -c stands for “console mode”.

Once installed, you can find MEGAN command line programs in the megan/tools directory.

The community edition of MEGAN doesn’t have a command-line option.