MEGAN has more "reads" than in original file

I am using MEGAN 6 to assign taxonomy to transcripts. I am using diamond blastx to get blast hits for each cds (about 5 million). After daa-meganizer and looking at the data in MEGAN 6, it shows 200 million summed “reads” under cellular organisms.

What could cause this issue?
diamond blastx --threads 32 -d NR.dmnd -q FILE.fasta -o FILE.daa -f 100 -F 15 --range-culling --top 10
daa-meganizer -i FILE.daa -mdb megan-map-Feb2022.db -t 32 -lg

The options are for long reads but they don’t seem like they should be causing this issue.


Since you’re utilizing long read parameters, the sum should represent the total number of aligned bases.