Megan commandline version

Could someone help me with adding the License key while using Megan6 UE commandline version. It is instructed to use it with -rc command. But I don’t understand at which step should we add the license key or along with which command ?

Lauch the command line version like this:

megan -g -rc 817b787284586c5…

Here, -g starts the command line version and -rc 817b787284586c5… sets the alpha-numerical MEGAN UE key.

If you are running the program on a Linux computer on which you have a home directory, then
you will only have to specify the key once and it will be stored in a file called ~/.Megan.def.

Instead of passing the key on the command line the first time you run the program, you can
alternatively create and/or edit the file ~/.Megan.def and add this line to the file:

Code= 817b787284586c5…