MEGAN Bioconda Version


Firstly, thank you for developing and maintain this software - it has been very useful for our research.

I am updating some of our bioinformatics pipelines, where I use conda to maintain versions of tools that we use. I have seen that the MEGAN package on bioconda is at version 6.12.3, whereas the current version seems to be 6.20.19. I have the newer version installed locally, but the bioconda version installed in an environment on our servers. I was wondering if the conda version will be updated, or is this no longer supported?

Thanks again for the great software!

Hi Sam - I don’t know you produced the bioconda version… How do I get it to update?

Hi Daniel, sorry I assumed it would be you that maintains the bioconda megan version (, but from your response it sounds like it must be somebody else?

I’ve never released a package on bioconda, but looking around it seems like there is some information on how to update a recipe here (

Thank you, I will look into this in the near future.