MEGAN 6_18 - blast2lca absent


I used the blast2lca tool provided by MEGAN v6_16_4. I just downloaded MEGAN v6_18_11 and I noticed that the blast2lca tool is no longer provided. Can you tell me why this tool is absent? Do you plan to replace it?

Thank you for your help

The blast2lca tool was developed for a very specific user request and wasn’t really intended for general use… Sorry for removing it. I will put it back into the next release of MEGAN

Ok thanks. Can you explain me how I can generate the same kind of output than blast2lca, but with MEGAN in GUI mode, or with another available tool provided by MEGAN?

Here is an output example that I’m trying to generate:
read1; ;d__Bacteria; 100;p__Proteobacteria; 100;c__Gammaproteobacteria; 100;o__Enterobacterales; 100;f__Enterobacteriaceae; 100;g__Escherichia; 50;s__Escherichia coli; 50;

A new release is now available that contains blast2lca again

Thank you very much for your help!