Megan 5.10.6 windows 10 not responding

Suddenly Megan stopped to open, it seems to be in background, but when I click in it it doesn’t respond. I tried to uninstall and it doesn’t respond either. Then I tried to install on another computer, with Ubuntu system, and again didn’t work. Have anyone of you experienced this problem? I don’t know what to do… Thank you

Weird… To follow up on your post, I just downloaded and installed MEGAN 5.10.6 on windows 10 and also on a Ubuntu 14.04 desktop, in both cases the program works fine…

(I am currently working on fixing a bug in MEGAN6 that prevents MEGAN6 (version 6.1.37beta) from operating properly on windows, but you are the first person to report a problem with MEGAN5 on windows…)

Can you check whether there is a file called error.log in the MEGAN installation directory, if so, does it contain any relevant messages, e.g. Exceptions etc?