Malt-run error: Something wrong with the index file


I apologize if this question has already been asked but I could not find it. I am getting the following error message when I am trying to use malt-run on one of my fastq files:

IOException: Index is too old or incorrect file (wrong magic number). Please recompute index.

My command is
malt-run -i <file_name>_trimmed_merged.fastq -d MALT_BUILD -m BlastN -o <file_name>_RefSeq_DB.rma6

The MALT_BUILD is the directory with the index files. The size of my index0.idx file says 0 along with the ref.idx and table0.idx file. However, my table file is 912 GB. I did not see any error message when I ran malt-build.

I am not sure how to fix this issue and so any help would greatly be appreciated. This is also my first time running MALT.