Legend bubble chart

I created some charts using the bubble chart, however I could not find how to creat a legend for the bubble size. Do you know how could I do this?
Thank you

Dear Jana,
There was no legend for bubble charts in MEGAN… so I have just added one and will upload a new release later today.
Looks like this:

Dear Daniel, could it be possible to include the legend for bubbles also to SEED and Interprot2Go?
Thank you so much!

I just downloaded and ran the latest version of MEGAN: the bubble chart legend is also present when looking at a SEED analysis:

I just noticed that MEGAN doesn’t automatically select the leaves before opening a chart for a functional classification such as SEED. This will be fixed in the next release :wink:

Wow cool!! because I needed to extract the taxon from the total set of data to analyze the Seed!