LCA x daa-meganizer

Dear al,
When I try to “meganize” a daa file using the “daa-meganizer”, the mapping goes very fast.
The command line: tools/daa-meganizer -v -i 12GT2_diamond_blastx.daa -mdb /home/work/db/megan/megan-map-Feb2022.db -t 20
However, in this case, I need the taxon_id for each classified read, instead of a table with abundances for each taxon_id (or taxon name).
I used the “blast2lca” tool, to get this information. Wich works very well.
tools/blast2lca -i 12GT2_diamond_blastx.daa2 -f DAA -tid -mdb /home/diogo/megan/mapping/megan-map-Feb2022.db -o

But this tool, since runs “single core” is very slow compared to the “daa-meganizer”.
Anyone could please help me? Is there another (faster) way to get this information (the taxon_id for each read)?

Please don’t use blast2lca, its a deprecated tool.

Rather, either in MEGAN, use File->Export ->Export to Text
or use the tool daa2info