KO id when using export KO-to_taxon

Dear MEGAN experts and users,

I am using MEGAN6 to analyse metatranscriptomic data and I want to link taxonomic and functional information.
For each daa meaganized files, I used export csv > ko_to_taxon and it returned me a csv files with taxon name as col-names, KO as row-names but I am not very sure what does these KO ids refer to.

Many thanks,


Dear Flo,

the numbers are supposed to represent KO numbers as used by KO, e.g. 3 = K00003 homoserine dehydrogenase [EC:]

However, I noticed that there is a discrepancy between what is shown by KEGG in the KEGG viewer and what is exported using the export command.

I will look into this and if there is a problem, I will upload a new release with a fix.


Dear Daniel,

Thanks for your answer!


Actually, it looks like the feature works as intended… :slight_smile:
The first few negative numbers refer to special nodes such as “Not assigned” -2 and “No hits” -1,
then all other numbers refer to KEGG ids.
You need to select all taxonomic nodes that you are interested in in the main viewer to get a table with one column for each selected taxon node.