KEGG Unassinged


I created an nr refseq database of only Bacteria, archae, fungi etc. by downloading the files from the ftp server. This database was used to diamond blast of my data and then the obtained .daa file was meganized. I am using Megan6 UE and have a trial license.

After meganizing I am not getting any results for KEGG annotation. All other functions seems to work fine (SEED, INTERPROTOGO etc. ). This doesn’t seem to be a license issue because in the log file it shows KEGG is being analysed but while viewing in the Megan6 software it shows not assigned.

I am getting “Not assigned” only for KEGG. I don’t understand what could be the issue. I am attaching my log file here. Hope somebody would help me with this.

The log file is of the run where I tried meganizing with the KEGG only.

Thank you.
Megan_log (908 Bytes)

If you are using the Community Edition then you won’'t get any KEGG assignments because KEGG requires a license, and only the Ultimate Edition comes with such a license.