KEGG gene names

If I go to the KEGG website and search for e.g. the nitrite reductase gene nirS, I get the following hit:

K15864 nirS; nitrite reductase (NO-forming) / hydroxylamine reductase [EC:]

In the KEGG viewer in MEGAN this is reported as:

K15864 nitrite reductase (NO-forming) / hydroxylamine reductase [EC:]

Because of this it is not possible to search for gene names using the KEGG viewer in MEGAN. Many publications working with metagenome data report gene names and it would therefore be great if this information could also be included in the KEGG viewer, which will then also affect bar plots, line plots, extraction of data to csv etc.

I am bumping my own post as I still wish for this feature in MEGAN Ultimate edition.