java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space, Do I have to use HPC server?

I have seen some answers already posted here. I have edited the file megan.vmoptions and set -Xmx16G I am not using any server. I’m using a laptop which has 16GB RAM, and I’m using DAA Meganizer. My question is - do I have to use HPC server? Now the program is showing Meganizing init busy and in the command message there is nothing going on, it is hanging. Do I have to close and restart the whole process? I have a .DAA file (file size:24.6 GB) and megan-map-Feb2022-ue (file size: 9.40 GB).

EDIT: Also whenever I run with the updated options MEGAN crashes and closes itself.
Any kind of help, advice is appreciated, thank you.

EDIT2: I have ran DAA-Meganizer on a laptop with 12 GB and it is fine working without giving any error. I just don’t know how long will it take, can you help me out on this and provide approximate time? for context, the file was generated from 22.7 million reads using a diamond index made from latest NCBI nr database (146 GB) ~500 million reads.

There was a bug in meganizer that sometimes caused the program to hang, while being busy… This occurred for a small percentage of files. This bug has been fixed, please update to 6.25.1.

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